Physical Therapy

Through manual, hands on, treatment and therapeutic exercise, Physical therapy provides a specialized and personal rehabilitation experience to get you back to your level of activity.

Fitness Training

Cross training and training in areas of dysfunction are imperative to maintain a healthy body and continue your level of activity. In today’s society we frequently get caught performing the same movements repetitively. Cross training helps break these patterns to avoid compensation and injury.

Athlete's Evaluation

This evaluation takes 5 categories into account: Agility, Power, Speed, Balance and Mobility to determine where an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are. This allows the athlete to properly focus their training in order to increase performance.

Skills Training

Every athlete whether you are a soccer player, olympic lifter, gymnast or dancer needs to train certain skills that are required to perform at a high level. Being able to perform these skills adeptly can help improve performance and reduce chance of injuries. We can break these movements down to strengthen patterns used in your sport.