Pain at the outside of your hip? Is it really Bursitis?

Sleeping, walking, crossing your legs, doing stairs or squatting and you feel a pain at the outside of your hip. Often times this pain can be diagnosed as bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation of a fluid filled sack that sits on the outside of your hip between your tendons. Those tendons attach to the bone at the outside of your hip. When someone has pain here it can often be diagnosed as a hip bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sac).

The location of the bursa is also the location of where the glute tendons attach. So, if you have been working out more lately, have added more resistance or doing more with your glutes these tendons could potentially be the source of your pain rather than the bursa.

Increasing your workout volume or resistance may be overloading the glute tendons causing a tendinosis, or dysfunction of the glutes. This tendon then causes pain at its attachment site at the outside of the hip. When this happens the body begins to compensate by dropping the opposite hip or altering your movement pattern during squats, lunges, stairs or walking/running to further create weakness and cause pain at the outside of the hip. Rolling or stretching the glutes, or even getting an injection at the bursa or tendon will not solve the underlying issue of glute weakness.

What research is finding is that proper loading of the glute and the tendons can actually help reduce the pain and improve the use of the muscles. What we need to do is properly load the tendon in order to help reduce your pain and make the tendons more resilient as you increase your workout volume and resistance.

Check out the attached video for a few exercises we like to do in this situation: