In our last post we talked about the hip flexors and whether or not those muscles are actually tight. Sometimes that can cause pain in the front of the hip. Other times structural differences in your hip joint can cause pain in the hip.

Sometimes those structural changes can cause pain at the front of your hip through hip impingement. Our most recent episode of PT to the Gym talks about how to deal with anterior hip pain so that you can either get back in the gym, or stay in the gym.

We talk about 3 ways to help improve mobility and strength to help with anterior hip pain.

  1. Avoid Overpressure/compression to the front part of the hip.
  2. Adductor Mobility and Strength
  3. Posterior Hip Strength

We also demonstrate ways to modify exercises, or use alternative exercises when you’re in the gym and dealing with anterior hip impingement. Check out the video below!