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This is our first post and we just want to say welcome. This blog is designed to help present helpful and educational information to keep you moving, but the first topic I want to talk about and the question we get most is:

“Why don’t you take Insurance?”

Part of the reason why we do this and the numbers and logistics of it is located on our Rates and Insurance tab on the website, so if you like seeing things by the numbers head over there to check it out. I wanted to take a minute to speak a little more as to why we do this from a client-clinician dynamic and a clinical efficiency standpoint.

The Old Story

Here’s a quick scenario if you have been to a typical insurance based PT clinic. First, you may have had an experience of doing your initial evaluation with the physical therapist and maybe it was 30 minutes or even 60 minutes of examination and evaluation with some exercises at the end and the PT was informative, helpful and overall great! But the next time you return you end up getting the PT for 15 minutes then it’s off to do some exercises with someone else, while the PT quickly shifts focus to another client, periodically checking in to make sure you haven’t hurt yourself doing exercises. What happened to all that one on one care from the first session? Maybe it was a fluke, let’s see what happens next time. But next time your PT has two clients at the same time, or you get a different PT, or you sit with a heat pack for 15 minutes instead. You get the idea. There is a breakdown in the continuity of your care and the focus of your treatment. This isn’t the PTs fault, but due to the way insurance pays, these PTs need to see multiple clients in an hour to hit numbers. The insurance company is dictating how you get your care.

A Better Story

By being out of network providers it allows our clinicians to dictate the care you get rather than an insurance company. We get to spend more one on one time with the client to provide continuity in care and develop a relationship that helps us determine the methods and techniques the client will respond to most. It gives us more information to determine if soft tissue mobilization or corrective exercise works better for you. This method also gives us ample time to test our methods by performing a technique and then seeing if we’ve made any changes. If not, we can spend the time to try something different and test again. It allows us to build a home exercise program that isn’t cookie cutter, but that is well understood and effective for the client’s needs.

We believe that this method of care; the increased one on one time, the continuity of care and the ability to determine what the client responds best to allows us to obtain better results in shorter time frames.

We hope this answers the “Why Don’t You Take Insurance?”, and helps you to understand our methods and philosophy. If you want to see how the numbers break down check it out: Rates and Insurance and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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